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Rocket Lobby takes the pain out of grassroots advocacy. We make advocacy campaigns look great on any device, easy to use for any demographic, and more impactful for any cause — local, state, or federal.

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Why We Made Rocket Lobby

Our clients have used all the old advocacy tools on the market. If they worked good enough for our clients, we wouldn't have built Rocket Lobby. These other tools are ugly, not user-friendly for our real grassroots advocates, and way too spammy.

We invented Rocket Lobby to make sure advocacy campaigns make a difference.

By verifying addresses and delivering original content, our emails are less likely to be flagged as spam and advocates are much more likely to get a real response.

We also made Rocket Lobby look good everywhere, just like an embedded YouTube video. We have a very short embed code that can be embedded into pretty much any website.

It tracks everything. And it visualizes data in a way that is useful and inspiring.

And this might sound crazy, but we also built a way for you to build and share a custom advocacy page in about 60 seconds, from your phone. This is a game changer for lobbyists, government affairs directors, or grassroots organizers on the go and with urgent, important goals.

And if that's not enough, we also added Feedback Loops — a way for you to ask your advocates anything about anything in yes/no, multiple choice, scale, or open ended questions. We gather that data in real time and then make a visualization to help you see what's working.

In short, we built Rocket Lobby around how an effective advocacy organization works, how advocates actually communicate, and how lawmakers actually want to receive communication via phone, email, meetings, or social media.

Thanks for asking why. As you can tell, we really like this product.

And we know you will, too. Now, are you ready to get started?

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